Update June 2021


Our on-line 'Covid' season has now ended and we are in our summer recess.  


We are now planning a new season, back at the clubhouse, from Wednesday 8th September.   And we are looking forward to welcoming back current and NEW members.


Refer to the What's On page for more up to date details a little nearer the time.






In the meantime , for further information and details of membership please email our secretary, (thesecretary.lmcc@gmail.com)


or, use the contact form at the end of this website.



Covid Notice

The club has adopted Midlands Counties Photographic Federation recommendations regarding face to face meetings.  A risk assessment to ensure the protection of their officers and attendees has been carried out.   In addition venue managers have made the necessary arrangements to safely follow the relevant government guidance on making a non-domestic premise COVID-19 secure.

We believe reasonable measures to ensure the hall, access to it, and equipment are safe for people using it, so far as is reasonably practicable, are in place.  This includes facilities for handwashing, including soap paper towels and sanitiser.  The hall (and other equipment) will also be subject to increased levels and frequency of cleaning.

LMCC members and visitors a have responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities, and should be mindful of any local or governmental guidance at the time.  

Long Mynd Camera Club