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Wednesday 18th March

Competiton #4:  'Motion, including flight


Competition time again - with a theme.

This time we are looking for action:  the emphasis should be on movement and / or flight.  There should be an element that conveys something dynamic, rather than static: 

... perhaps motion blur in a subject or background

... maybe a subject in flight

... or, of course - SPEED!

Our judge for the evening is Robert Ings

Rob is a self taught  award-winning photographer.  He works in a variety of disciplines including landscapes, portraits, macro and studio work.  He has also become much sought after in the West Midlands as a talented Wedding and Commercial photographer.

Coming up..

Wednesday 1st April

Guest speaker:  The Reverend Dr Richard Hainsworth


We have had some real treats on the programme this season, and as our year draws to a close we have another special offering for you.

Richard will be 'Shooting the inside of his head' in this presentation.  A look at the references to Richard's work will soon demonstrate that he is a man skill and creativity.

Not one to make do with 'good enough' he has been determined to produce top quality images across a range of genres.  It seems he was ordained for more than just the Church.

We will add a little more detail to entice you after the next meet.  I keep saying it ... and meaning it... this is one not to miss!

Long Mynd Camera Club

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