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Programme Change

December 18th


Due to the re-scheduling of the Shropshire six-way competition we are adjusting our programme:

We will use our Christmas meeting to bring forward the 'Show and Tell' session.  Here we invite all members to bring along a small selection of images taken during the recent summer (our close season).  Typically, there may be some travel photography, or maybe some experimentation with new subjects.

You are invited to share any of your work that you feel may be of general interest.  We are free from judging constraints and the so-called competition rules.

A few words about the photograph, where or why it was taken is always on interest.  If you would like to share images but not talk about them, then the Chairman will be happy to present some notes on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you are able to put a short  A/V of sound and pictures together that will work too.  Can I suggest that such presentation are kept to 4 - 5 minutes.  At 6 or 7 seconds (including a transition) that still provides an opportunity to show over 30 images.

It is always helpful to have some idea of how many people are expecting to contribute images so that Helen can put together a sort of running order.  Please give this some thought so that you can let us know closer to the time.

We should also have an opportunity to share some of the portraits taken on the studio night.


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Competition #2

November 20th

So, let's get close and personal.

CLOSE UP competition time.  Obviously, a macro shot of something will fit the bill, but we will be advising the judge to apply a broad approach to this title:  an image that gets close to a subject and isolates some detail is just as likely to fit the bill.

The judge would expect that the subject is pretty obvious, so don't leave it too obscure.  This competition should give us a whole range of images that we have not yet seen this season so it will be great to see what people come up with.






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Expecting to be 'knee-deep' in images

Coming UP

Our guest on December 4th is Philip Dunn.  As an ex Fleet Street photographer we can expect a very different presentation.  It will be a real insight into the world of press photography and photo journalism.

Philip is sure to engage us with subject matter much removed from the more traditional club scene material.  This is definitely one to put in your diaries now.








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 "Close up"     -     a photograph taken from a short distance that gives a very detailed picture


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