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Season Highlights 2022 - 23


Members were tasked to create some images that showed off highlights of the life and landscape of 'the Strettons'

Entries to the challenge were appraised by the members, with a selection of favourites offered to the cover editor of The Focus magazine for consideration as potential magazine covers in the future.

In the meantime, for producing the member's Top Picks, congratulations to:

David Kennedy, Long Mynd Ponies; Jill Ming, Ragleth Dawn; Julia Williams, Stretton in Snow

Club Workshop:  Exotic Animal Shoot

Well, this was an evening with a difference.  With some new club lighting available we had some great entertainment snapping away at a range of reptiles and invertebrates.

There will be lots of learning about composition (backgrounds), focus and exposure.  Thanks to Simon, from Corner Exotics, for exhibiting these creatures and sharing his knowledge about them.


Ludlow Raceday
Christmas 2022

Peer Review Night

This gallery comprises some of the images presented for 'Peer Review'.  This round table exercise is designed to pose questions about what makes a successful image, whether that be illustration, creativity, storytelling and so on.  Members are encourges to explore the boundaries of their usual practice.  Click an image to begin activate slides.