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Serif Affinity Photo : A serious alternative to Photoshop                   APDec20


Just sharing this piece from Amateur Photographer for those of you unsure about investing in Photoshop

If you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative offering much of, if not all, the same functionality, then look no further than Serif Affinity Photo. The software is available for Mac OS, Windows and iPads.  In terms of the interface, everything is well designed and easy to find. In fact, some adjustments and filters that are most commonly used in conjunction with layers can be accessed via the Layers panel, which is in many ways more intuitive than how these are accessed in Photoshop. The software is so easy to use ..... you start to feel confident with it after just five or ten minutes’ use.


There’s practically nothing in Photoshop that you can’t do with Affinity Photo. It’s undoubtedly a professional-level editing program that’s suitable for all photographers regardless of their level of editing knowledge and experience. Even many shortcuts are the same as in Photoshop, functionality is similar, and many adjustments are easier to find thanks to not being buried deep in menus. Those transitioning over to Affinity Photo will find they can work just as quickly as they did in Photoshop; these include HDR Merge, Panorama, Focus Merge and even frequency-separation retouching for portraits.

At just £48.99, Affinity Photo represents incredible value for money considering and this is for a perpetual license. Photoshop and Elements users will find themselves very much at home with the software, and will no doubt discover how much of a pleasure it is to edit your images and process raw files with the software.

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