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Season Finale

Club Chair Ron Parnell presents 'Rising Star' Helen Violet with the Silver Shallot Trophy for her work in promoting the Allium ascalonicum.

Other awards included Rick Greswell, print photographer of the year and Ron Parnell who won the projected image category and overall title  'Photographer of the Year'
Workshop: Depth of Field

The workstations were designed to provide members with opportunities to improve understanding of depth of field and plane of focus, skills that can be put into practise this spring as we head out to capture flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.  Some bizarre objects were provided at the workstations, but it was all about playing with exposure and improving close-up technique.

Peer Review Night

Another really pleasing night discussing a range of interesting images.  A good opportunity to remove the constraints of competition photography and a chance to see how our rather more experimental work might be viewed.

It is well worth revisiting a selection here:
Workshop: soft light, hard light

The evening was designed to explore the possibilities offered by rather more unusual light sources: soft light to avoid highlights and shadow; hard light to create strong form and shadow.  These are some of the results.
If you took part it is worth comparing the way you controlled your lighting with the work of others.

Long Mynd Camera Club

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