Competition Guide


Note on Entries: although we normally encourage images to have be taken within the past 12 months, given the restrictions faced, anything relatively recent - including material prepared for entry prior to lockdowns - is fine thie season.

Competitions #1 and #3 - Open: no themes involved.  Up to 3 prints and/or 3 projected images of your choice. 


Competition #2 - Nature: this is a really broad category, to encourage participation:

  • plants and flowers

  • animals and birds

  • nature/natural phenomenon in a landscape

  • seashore

Competition #4 - Table Top: this theme is designed to get you to think and be a little creative.  Ideal for the winter, take some time to put together your images set up on a table top: food, flowers, tools, jewelry.

Or, be more adventurous and go beyond conventional still life and put together something experimental.

Lighting could be the key to success.

Try to break out of your comfort zone.


Competition #5 - is in two parts:

a) Open prints

b) A Story or Sequence consisting of between 3 and 5 images.   “Sequence shooting," is the practice of capturing a scene from different distances to ensure that you have:

1      A wide (or "master shot"),

2      A Medium view, and

3      A Close-up

4/5  Perhaps an extreme close-up and/or other unusual shot to compliment the story.

All manner of subject can be considered, with imagination being to the fore:

  • a place or building

  • an activity, workplace or sport

  • a campaign or issue

  • time and place - seasons or lighting

  • a people story


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