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Skeleton Leaves by Claire

Skeleton Leaves by Claire Carter.jpg

Congratulations to our Vice-President, Claire Carter on being awarded a prestiguous1st place in the Macro Art section of the:

International Garden Photographer

of the Year 2021

​Claire explains .....

​I used a macro lens and extension tubes to get as close as possible to the fine detail in these intricate, skeleton-like leaves (which I dyed different colours).


Then, a home-made lightbox and glass with tracing paper was used to diffuse the light and an off-camera flash beneath to burn out the whites and leave the detail in the foliage.

Congratulations also, to our own Mike Gibson whose recent exhibition and sale of work, including photographs and unique photographic jewelry, raised a fantastic ......


The exhibition was held to raise funds for the Mayfair Centre, and the club congratulates Mike for his tremendous success in achieving this considerble sum. 


The centre provides and invaluable service to our community and this Mike's very generous and personal contribution will contribute to its ongoing success.



Helichrysum Bud Opening.jpg
Helichrysum bud by Mike Gibson

And, our Inter Club Results 2021

A great result for the club this year as we take second place, just three points behind winners Whitchurch.  Congratulations to the team.

The results table is as follows:

Whitchurch      178

Long Mynd       175

Newport           166

Shropshire      163

Oswestry         162

Bridgenorth    161

Ludlow            158

A Team Effort
Jet Motion, Mike Olivant 17 - Good to talk, Claire Carter 19 - Faded Rose, David Kennedy 17 - Gone Paddling, Rich Greswell 14 - Bridging the Gap, Mike Olivant 17 - Stoke Wood, Claire Carter 17 - Beachcomber, Ron Parnell 17 - Anemone, Hugh Thompson 18 - Oystercatchers/winter sea, Rich Greswell 19 - Lisa Mills, by Geoff Hall 20


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You can still pay by cheque, or cash on arrival, but we can now accept payment by bank transfer.  Payment details are:

TSB (it is a business account)

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Account  Name: Long Mynd Camera Club

Account # 21614168

Use your surname as our payment reference.

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