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Viral Challenge #1: open theme selection of images

Commended images chosen by Howard Broadbent, Chair of Newport Camera Club are:   


          Gone Paddling                         Cormorants in the Mist                            Shadows

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Our thanks to Howard for taking time to reflect on our images.  He went beyond brief and has included notes on the images.  Follow the link button to see the notes

MEMBERS FAVOURITES: three favourite picks - in no particular order - are as follows:

Richard Greswell                  Arteries                    Comorants                        Fish Rack


Amanda Page                     Cormorants in the mist – I love the regression showing in the birds giving a bit of depth

                                             and the waves over the rock  through the mist.

                                             Storm Force – the colours in this appeal to me giving it the mood and the feeling of the power

                                             of  the waves.

                                             Arteries – the colour and the textures in this one are fantastic.


Jenny Olivant                     Shadows,                        Gone paddling                     Arteries.


Mike Olivant                       Aussie cyclist                Arteries                               Shadows

Ron Parnell                        Rainy Day Coast            Gone Paddling                    Fish Rack


Claire Carter                     Gone Paddling - Wonderful use of depth of field.

                                           Cormorants in Mist - Lovely recession and catching the wave behind a bonus.

                                           Fish Rack - Good connection with the subject. A quality image with great light.


David Kennedy                 Mersea Island                 Cormorants in Mist             Gone Paddling

Lynn Upton-Roddy           Mersea island                 Gone paddling                     Fish rack

Alex Brian                         Cormorants in the Mist - I love how everything is pale apart from the rock making the scene seem                                             otherworldly and mysterious.

                                          Storm Force  - the orange colours, and the building adding an extra layer to the picture.

                                          Arteries - a very well seen idea and the bright colours and contrast help it stand out.

Suzanne Wheatley         Rainy day at the coast         Scare Crow                      Gone Paddling

                                        Thanks to all who took part, either as author or critic, or both.  Well done.

Long Mynd Camera Club

LMCC, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6BY