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Summer Break: New Season begins September 6th


Photo walk

Sept 6th

First meet Challenge

This first meeting of the season is designed to provide an opportunity for members to re-connect after the break and to provide a social setting to welcome new members.

We will break up into small groups where you will be given a Five Shot photo challenge based on a walk about in the town. 

We will meet for refreshments abck at the club then review all images (non judgemental)


Guidance for the Night

  • Bring your camera

  • Also use a blank SD or CF memory card (to make projecting/reviewing images easier)

  • A tripod might help - as the weather is currently a bit dull.  Or, just use a high ISO setting

  • Arrive early (say 7.15pm) so we can organise and get you out promptly

  • Shoot jpeg - images will be seen as taken in camera

If you are new, don't worry we will be looking after you

Long Mynd Camera Club

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