Competion #5: Panels

Once again we are indebted to Howard Broadbent from Newport Club who has kindly agreed to judge the panels and open images in this final section of the 2019-2020 competition.   Scores will be published c.14th Nov

There are eleven panels to view.  Click on each carousel below to view the panel and it's constituent images - then move to the next carousel.
Strata and Stones
Right Strata and Stones
Centre Strata and Stones
Left Strata and Stones

Winning Panel: Congratulations, Claire Carter

Lest We Forget Panel
01 Lest We Forget (L)
02 Lest We Forget (M)
03 Lest We Forget (R)
Urban ways
urban ways L
urban ways M
urban ways R
PANEL.Towards Minton
01 Towards Minton (L)
02 Towards Minton (M)
03 Towards Minton (R)
Wisteria Panel Complete
01 Wisteria in Spring (L)
02 Wisteria in Spring (M)
03 Wisteria in Spring (R)
Gandalf's panel
1.Gandalf the goat finds love (L)
2. Gandalf the goat finds love (M)
3. Gandalf the goat finds love (R)
We will remember them
We will remember them - L
We will remember them - M
We will remember them - R
Alpine ridge panel
01 alpine ridge L
02 Alpine ridge M
03 Alpine ridge R
Safe Haven
Safe Haven - L
Safe Haven - M
Safe Haven - R
Panel Autumn Colours
autumn colours - L
Autumn colours - M
Autumn Colours - R
Wildlife garden panel
Wildlife garden - L
Wildlife garden - M
Wildlife garden - R

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